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How dereg could be “the worst of both worlds”

Peter Macleod brings attention to the sorry experience of the recent UK experiment in higher education ‘reform’ that Christopher Pyne wants to rerun in Australia. The UK government substantially raised student fee caps (while cutting government funding), only to see … Continue reading

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On Ian Young on Deregulation

Ian Young – ANU VC and head of the Group of 8 elite universities – first championed student fee deregulation as the only way to turn ANU into Australia’s own Harvard. Now, in “Survival of the Deregulated”, he takes another … Continue reading

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The crisis of climate leadership at our universities

A piece recently published in the Fifth Estate. 2 July 2014 — Is climate change the biggest challenge facing humanity? ANU vice chancellor Ian Young thinks so. Or at least that’s what he told me recently, when we met to discuss … Continue reading

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